Border Sound Distributing was formed in 1997, with the hope of filling a void in the Mexican Music available for distribution in the United States. Much of the catalog music from the Grupero and
Norteņo genre that had been big hits in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and the early 90’s were being discontinued by the majors (EMI, SONY, BMG, etc.) or were being commercialized only in
Mexico, while there was still a demand for this type of music by the mexican population in the States. In the past six years we have dedicated our efforts to make this music available to the
public, with acquisitions of different Labels (Fama, Novavox, Yuriko, Remo, etc.), and by signing and promoting groups like Tropical del Bravo, Beto Quintanilla, Los Pasteles Verdes,
Pegasso, Renacimiento ’74, Abril ’78, Etc., that have all been important in the success of what is now called Regional Mexican Music, the only genre of Hispanic Music that has consistently grown throughout the years as the Mexican immigrant population grows in the United States.